Top 5 Scorers
D. Adriaanse 5
G. Mohammed 4
N. Isaacs 1
R. Adriaanse 1
C. Bennett 1

Top 5 Assists
S. Abplanalp 1

Leon Isaacs  

Basil Adriaanse  
Joshua Hendricks  
Marlin Erasmus  
Ryan Groenewald  
Taylor Fisher  

Jamie Dennyson  
Kapil Singh  
Lezuan Booys  
Michael Evertson  
Nasir Isaacs  
Sergio Abplanalp  
Timothy Smith  

Chad Bennett  
Dane Adriaanse  
Faghmie Wilson  
Gasan Mohammed  
Kieron Smith  
Ryan Adriaanse  
Past Players

alvin fredericks. andrew james. ashley philander. brad buttner. bradley philander. brent jacobs. bryan isaacs. caleb adriaans. craig abroue. damian willis. elliot johnson. ethan erasmus. gareth de hahn. harry stevens. jade hendriks †. johan van dyk. joshua patterson. juan rodriques. justin fillmore. keagan thomas. keenan dyers. kurt williams. luke hendricks. luwayne du plessis. lyle worship. matthew cannon. michael court. rať swart. ross moore. ryan cox. sebusang lekhuleni. shahied . shelton brady. simon carter. slade damon. warren cox. warren teich. william gregory. ziyaad khan.
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