1.What's your nick name?

I have never had one really, but my dad calls me Roo.

2.How old are you?


3.First soccer shirt ever bought (name and number on the back)?

My father bought me two Liverpool tops, must of been the 97 or 98 tops, one was cream and the other was red, they had the oval badges on with collars.

4.How did you come to be a football fan?

My uncle was football crazy and Liverpool crazy so as soon as i was allowed to play, i did. I started at 5 years old i think. Supported Liverpool from age 4.

5. What do you do for a living?

I'm a Counselor and a Recruitment Consultant

6.Describe yourself in three words?

Fun, Strange, Happy

7.Your favourite GBFC player?

Bryan, he's just sooooooooo sexy

8. Favourite food?

Food in general is my favorite, but i guess if I had to i would lean towards a good chicken and basil pesto pasta.

9.Favourite movie?

The Hangover trilogy

10.Favourite Actor?

Bradley Cooper

11.Favourite Actress?

Ashley Tisdale

12. Favourite TV show?


13.What music are you Currently Listening to?

All lovey dovey stuff hey. I am liking country music and slow stuff I can sing along to.

14.Favourite holiday destination?

Kruger National Park, any day of the week.

15.Any special skills?

I'm quite good in bed, i sleep like a trooper.

16.Favoutrite footballer?

Jamie Carragher

17.Favourite book?

Power of One, Bryce Courtney

18.Favourite current Sports personality outside football player?

Hashim Amla

19.Favourite all time female sports star?

Hope Solo

20.Name me one famous player you would love to see playing for GBFC?

Robbie Fowler, pure finisher.

21.Most hated current Premiership player?

Nani or Evra , Suarez is agitating me a bit as well.

22.What interesting fact about yourself would you like to share?

I'm actually quite a calm person.