1.What's your nick name?

L.V, L.V.D or teddy.

2.How old are you?


3.First soccer shirt ever bought (name and number on the back)?

Orlando Pirates t-shirt 2007.

4.How did you come to be a football fan?

watching liverpool beat Man U in 1990, it was an incredible game!

5. What do you do for a living?

I work in the Race Administration office of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust.

6.Describe yourself in three words?

Big, soft and kind

7.Your favourite GBFC player?

Kapil Singh, A truly great man on and off the pitch.

8. Favourite food?

A medium rare rib eye steak.

9.Favourite movie?

Too many to mention, but a strong case could be made for the Matrix.

10.Favourite Actor?

Joseph Gordon Levitt

11.Favourite Actress?

Scarlett Johannson

12. Favourite TV show?

Brooklyn 99

13.What music are you Currently Listening to?

A variety of Rock music

14.Favourite holiday destination?


15.Any special skills?

Slappin' da Bayss. yeah, I play Bass guitar and sing as well

16.Favoutrite footballer?

I have two, Steven Gerrard and Gnegneri Yaya Toure.

17.Favourite book?

Kane and Abel, Jeffrey Archer.

18.Favourite current Sports personality outside football player?

Novak Djokovic

19.Favourite all time female sports star?

Penny Heyns

20.Name me one famous player you would love to see playing for GBFC?

Yaya Toure

21.Most hated current Premiership player?

That stupid Nik naks man that plays for MUFC, Marouane Fallaini.

22.What interesting fact about yourself would you like to share?

My IQ is 10 points below Albert Eintstein's estimated IQ. I was a member of Mensa South Africa for a year.