1.What's your nick name?

G, Badboy G or Gaz

2.How old are you?


3.First soccer shirt ever bought (name and number on the back)?

Steven Gerrard no 8

4.How did you come to be a football fan?

My Dad used to play for Cape Town Spurs and we used to watch his games

5. What do you do for a living?

Senior Sales Consultant

6.Describe yourself in three words?

easy going, friendly and OCD

7.Your favourite GBFC player?

Lyle Worship (best player) Kapil Singh ( Funniest)

8. Favourite food?

Lasagne or pizza

9.Favourite movie?

Wedding crashers or Ted

10.Favourite Actor?

Vince Vaughan

11.Favourite Actress?

Megan fox or Mila Kunis

12. Favourite TV show?

House of lies and Modern Family

13.What music are you Currently Listening to?

Akon and David Guetta (Work hard play hard)

14.Favourite holiday destination?

Mauritius or Thailand

15.Any special skills?

Can polish off two packets of big chips without even blinking

16.Favoutrite footballer?

Steven Gerrard

17.Favourite book?

Gerrard autobiography

18.Favourite current Sports personality outside football player?

AB de Villers

19.Favourite all time female sports star?

Michelle Simon (golfer)

20.Name me one famous player you would love to see playing for GBFC?

Steven Gerrard

21.Most hated current Premiership player?

Was Joey Barton but now Patrica Evra

22.What interesting fact about yourself would you like to share?

Too many interesting things about me to share.