GBFC 0 – 1 The Lighthouse
Man of the Match: Keagan Thomas

GBFC’s Cup campaign came to a frustrating end as they fell victim to a last gasp goal and their own failure to deal with the long ball counter attack.
GBFC did not lack heart but wilted badly in the dying seconds and our Cup dreams were therefore shattered in the first round.

Having seen a lot of the ball throughout the game, GBFC wasted numerous efforts of goal but defended with vigour and thus the first half ended goalless. Ryan Cox shot over the crossbar following a pass from Ryan Adriaanse. Ryan Adriaanse beat the keeper with a free kick which crashed against the crossbar. Luck was again not with GBFC.

The Lighthouse team were clearly shaken by the resurgent GBFC, who only weeks ago lost 4 - 1 to the very same team. GBFC exposed their overconfidence and forced The Lighthouse to scramble in defence.The epic battle continued all the way to the end with both sides matching one another stride for stride. Something had to give...and it did! It looked like the game would be decided on penalties until a long hopeful ball was allowed to bounce in the GBFC 18 yard box. The GBFC defence was at sixes and sevens…ball watching and double marking. The ball was floated across the goal to the back post where right back Basil Adriaanse allowed his man to get away from him and nod home, unmarked. It was a shattering blow to GBFC who are still winless this season.

So many hopes yet so much frustration. We live to fight another day.

Team - GK: Slade Damon, RB: Basil Adriaanse, CB: Gareth De Hahn, CB: Keagan Thomas, LB: Ziyaad Kahn, RW: Leon Isaacs (Juan Rodriques (Michael Court)), CDM: Kapil Singh, CAM: Ryan Cox, LW: Ryan Groenewald ©, ST: Dane Adriaanse (Craig Abroue), ST: Ryan Adriaanse.